25 September 2016

Free Images for the Classroom

Days when I could use colours on my skin rather than speak worlds of words. 

Days when it is the visual, not the verbal, that expresses what I feel, what I think, what I would like to verbalise but find tedious in a world made up of so many cacophonous corridors. It is not silence that I seek. It is expression. Visual, bold, emboldening. 

There are so many reasons and teaching activities where the use of images makes more immediate sense than long winds of verbal explanations. Images inspire, images provoke, images soothe. 

And when it comes to classrooms,  learners are very often asked to use images for their projects and tasks. 

So, the challenges for educators is where to find images, image banks which are free, suitable and interesting for students. I find many image sources for education quite boring and dull - however, I do not work with young learners and understand that in those contexts there does need to be a lot of monitoring of appropriate images. Here are some other suggestions which are worth browsing through:

Skitterphoto is free and does have different, bright images which may be used in class; it also has an archive where it is possible to browse through past uploaded images, as well as a page for different categories of images. 

Kaboompics  offers free images and includes themes such as City & Architecture
Landscapes and other themes. 

Inspiration-IM Creator  is also an interesting site to look around for some beautiful images that may be used by teachers and students. 

Presented with categories, you may also find sub-categories such as in Nature , where there are then images related to flowers & plants, landscape, animals and weather. 

Visual literacy is important in the classroom. What other recent resources and sources for free images do you recommend?

A Visual Manifesto from Whitcher and Donaghy on Vimeo.


Pink Flower

If/when not indicated, images are my own. 


  1. Thank you Christina!
    The photo with the trees dressed in dotted red socks is taken in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, isn't it? I like it a lot.

  2. Hi Tarja,

    Thank you for your visit to my blog!

    Helsinki is indeed lovely in summer -I edited the image with PIP Camera (a free App for iPad and iPhone) Bestest,