22 September 2016

Open Learning for ELT Teachers

I have always loved open landscapes. Landscapes which entice one, which give scope for the mind to wander,  wonder, lose oneself in worlds of possibilities.  The pleasure of openness for learning and re-learning, connecting and discovering. 

Autumn days are a wonderful time to wander,  discover and if not necessarily to lose oneself in open horizons, but to participate, learn and reflect on one's educational practices. Among the many options that are available to us today, there is one event that will be held this coming October, of special interest to ELT teachers. 

In October, The British Council is hosting the Teaching for Success online conference

As announced:

"With over 60 scheduled talks by speakers from around the world and panel discussions taking place between Wednesday 5 October and Sunday 9 October 2016, the Teaching for Success Online Conference promises to deliver a wide range of engaging and insightful presentations covering all aspects of professional development for teachers in all contexts. Talks on each of the five days will focus on distinct themes related to the different Professional Practices that make up the British Council’s new CPD framework for teachers and CPD framework for teacher educators."

A global conference, reflecting professional concerns and professional development globally. The conference schedule is already up and you will undoubtedly, come across many presenters who are well known in the ELT world.

Open learning in an open world. Open for students, open for educators.

What other open professional development events can you share/suggest this Autumn?

Why Open Education Matters from Blink Tower on Vimeo.

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