15 October 2016

Adding Magic to Images

Prisma may have taken the summer by storm, with its gift of playing with images and creating beautiful canvases. But what if you could do so much more with a single image editing app?

PicsArt  opens your window of playing with images to another degree - and is faster than Prisma (if wifi is slow).  PicsArt also has a blog  and a tutorial centre to guide and inspire users.  You can create collages, edit images, draw, add stickers and a lot more to your original images, definitely going beyond the simple filtering of images. Here below is a simple  example with the same image:

On YouTube there are also tutorials such as this one:

It's a great app to share with learners - for example,  they can edit their own images for their digital stories, express moods of the week, capturing how they feel about doing a particular activity/learning task, add to class projects, flyers.... Possibilities are as endless as their learning context/s.

What other ways do you encourage learners to play with images?

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

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Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

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