31 October 2016

Avatars and Poetry Generators for Halloween

There is something about Halloween that brings avatars to mind. Perhaps it's the playful dressing up, or perhaps the elements of storytelling that both bring to me. Here you can find other suggestions for creating avatars, while below the avatars were created with My Blue Robot and Mad Men Yourself.

While My Blue Robot creates head-shot avatars, with Mad Men Yourself, you can create 3 different sizes - full body, fully body with a background or just the head shot avatar.

Both avatar generators create both male and female avatars.

Avatars - Kizoa Movie Maker - Video Editor

If you teach young learners, you may want to them to write a special poem for
Halloween. Halloween Pumpkin Personification is a poem 
generator which guides learners to write their own poem - a great task for English language learners as well!

Should you have teen learners who lean towards the Gothic, let them feel inspired to create a Goth poem this Halloween - The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator  is all you need to nudge that extra bit of darkness!

To all, with new avatars or without, Happy Halloween!


Further Suggestions:  

Holiday Poem Generator

Take a Challenge, Accept a Dare


(from Halloween Pumpkin Personification

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