12 October 2016

Baamboozle Me!

No secret that I love using games in classrooms  (see Games , Digital Games from this blog as an example)  and Baamboozle is definitely one game that is great for language learning as well as other subjects. 

Games are great for revising, for introducing a topic, for students' self assessment and why not, for fun as well? 

Baambozzle  is free, has a section of featured games which educators can dip into, and allows for students play in the classroom or use as a study tool. 

I would also have liked it if it were possible to embed quizzes, but you can share your game with learners by giving them a link in their LMS. 

Here is an example of a quiz for young learners on Halloween . 

FORTUNE from Emanuele Kabu on Vimeo.

What other games will you be using this Autumn?

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