2 October 2016

Image, Sound, Quiz!

Assessment, whether formative, summative or interim, is a regular feature of formal education. With different types of assessment tools and approaches, why not give learners the opportunity to create their own quizzes - with sound and images?

Quizpedia is a free app for creating quizzes, for both the iPad, Android and MAC. For the free version, 1 user can create 15 quizzes. For teachers, who may wish to create more than 15 quizzes, there is a monthly fee of $9.99 US. On Quizpedia 's site, it says that a Pro Account and Business Account are coming up, as well as for companies. Perhaps Quizpedia will also offer an account for educators and educational institutions in the future. 

For now, there is there is a forum  for educators to  share  quizzes and where you can pull down a menu and search for the subject/field you are teaching. 

For language classes, students may be paired up or work in small groups, creating revision vocabulary quizzes for each other,  making them more engaged in their learning processes. Sharing their quizzes is simple - you only need to share the direct link. Here is an example of a quiz on Do You Know Your Instruments.

Revising, assessing, receiving feedback - regular activities in all subjects
and a wide range of levels.

It's part of learning, so why not make it more fun by  involving learners more actively in their learning processes?

What other ways can you suggest to engage learners in creating quizzes for each other?

coral colors from myLapse on Vimeo.

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