4 November 2016

Genial.ly Genius!

As 2016 slowly heads towards its end, the rich tapestry of celebrations around the world crosses my mind - from the many different ways wedding and birthday celebrations are held,  to mid-summer celebrations,  to traditional, religious celebrations which make part of  our global culture and history. 

The theme of celebrations is in itself a common topic for language learners, for instance. They can describe celebrations in their own town/country, find out about celebrations in other countries, learn and teach other new vocabulary on the types of celebrations they have chosen when they present their findings. Why not give them a tool which they can present/share  their work, which is interactive and full of surprise?

Geniall.y can be  used to create interactive presentations, infographics, posters, and even resumes (example down below at the end of this post). 

Professions/jobs is another theme which is commonly approached in language classes. With Genial.ly, you can ask students to add places where people work, qualities which are needed for each job/profession, the pros and cons of each line of work. 

These are just two suggestions for a language class; there are so many other ways to use Genial.ly, depending (as always) on the context and purpose of your learners. 

Genial.ly is free but with options; one of which allows collaborative work. You can share with a link or embed creations; there is a blog (in English and Spanish) with tips and ideas on how to use Genial.ly's features. 
Genially - Do it different, do it Genially! from Genially Web on Vimeo.

Use Genially and feel like a Genius!! from Genially Web on Vimeo.

How do you make your students feel like creative geniuses?


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