3 November 2016

In A Nutshell - An Activity for Business English Students

How many educators really know their students?

Perhaps when you are teaching classes of 20+ learners, are swamped with administrative duties which eat away at the time that could be spent preparing lessons, when teachers are demanded to be everything to all, it's not realistically possible to really know one's students beyond their names and perhaps, their grades.  

So let me start again, how well do your students know each other?

A regular activity when teaching Business English is to ask students to write out their CV for a possible role play (a role play focusing on interview skills, for instance, or writing application/covering letters for a job). Today, there are digital tools which enable this quite easily, adding visuals and easy sharing among social media. 

These tools not only offer a real world practice to learners but also help them to learn about each other, thus opening opportunities of better class dynamics and ways of collaboration with each other.  They also help educators to get to know their learners in a different way, beyond the grade, beyond the attendance list. 

Me in a Nutshell  brings together one's contributions in social networks. The user can design
their own page and connect the social networks they want to.

The result is a personal page with an individual's personal, social narrative.

Once students have completed their webpage, it can be shared on a Padlet, or in the class LMS.

In this way, they can learn more about each other, and as participation in social networks becomes shared among them, they may find unspoken talents among themselves, peers with similar interests, making their class space less anonymous.

They may also be provoked to reflect on what is appropriate to appear in their digital CV/resume and how best to find paths of collaboration with others.

How else do you learn about your students within an ESP/Business English context?

How else can your students tap into the hidden talents of their class/group?

#unexpected from The Others on Vimeo.

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I am still playing around with my own Me in a Nutshell, but you can have a look and see the initial webpage. Please note, though, it is something I have in progress and will not be the final version. 

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