1 November 2016

Where in the World? Awakening Geography

Respect for the environment, for nature, for cultural differences, comes with learning about our planet, about our world and the worlds within it.  Learning Geography always fascinated me, opening up far away horizons, opening up my mind and understanding of what surrounds me.  There is so much that one learns through natural environments too - how nature influences a local culture, culinary traditions,  traditional stories which are treasured and shared, reinforcing cultural identity and belonging.

Why not have learners carry out mini research projects and engage in jigsaw activities and then present their final projects to the class?

How do you awaken the interest in Geography?

The rest of this post is here and some resources follow below. (a great way to open up a lesson on those grey, bleak, dreary days).

National Geographic Kids offers videos, facts, games, quizzes and more to spark up  interest in the world.

Lizard Point has notes for teachers, quizzes and more.

The National Geographic has Interactive Educational Games which cover Science and Engineering, History and Culture, Geographic Decision Making and more.

Action Quiz has a selection of quizzes which you play against computer components - including quizzes on Geography

Digital Delights for Learners - Geography

Star Wars - Official Star Wars Website

The Jigsaw Classroom


Where in the World?

Where do you think this image, on the right, was taken?

UPDATE - 17-November-2016

I would like to thank the 10 people who took time to participate in this poll.  This blog post has been viewed 509 times since it was posted.  The correct answer is Santorini. 

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