15 December 2016

Listening for ELT and Learner Autonomy

One of the challenges that many ELT students face, is listening. When it comes to international exams such as the IELTS, they struggle in keeping up with the listening passage and end up in a sea of useless frustration. Learning to listening to English and becoming an autonomous learner are important skills. Among other sites where learners can improve their listening skills, these 2 come to mind at the moment. 

Lit2Go  offers readings of poetry and novels, is easily accessible with indication of authors, genres and readability scale and every audio comes with a PDF. 

LingoRank is a collection of TED talks, which students can  set their level then go ahead and select the talk they are interested in listening/watching. Each talk comes with target vocabulary for each specific level. 

With a wide selection of topics, there is no reason why learners shouldn't be accessing these resources to improve their listening skills.

What other listening activities/sites do you suggest?

Further Suggestions: