25 May 2017

Collaboration, Cooperation, Integration

Collaboration, cooperation, integration. Valuable concepts in education and in social organisations where people need to work together to achieve goals. Neither new nor original, though today, with wider approaches of how to actually achieve these processes. 

In the classroom, ClanEd (which I already have mentioned here ) is a valuable tool for both teachers and learners, regardless of subject matter or level. Not only can it be used as an ePortfolio, but also as a teaching/learning space, with features which allow collaboration and cooperation among its users. 

From Finland, another offer for educators and learners - Seppo - A Spark for Learning.

Seppo is an authoring tool for creating educational games - definitely an engaging approach to get learners excited about learning. 

Below I leave a quick glance why educators should try Seppo:

Tools and platforms may help collaboration and cooperation at different levels and contexts. Nevertheless, it is the will of educators themselves to collaborate transparently and constructively that is the driving force for effective collaboration.

It is simplistic to think that one can achieve  or learn everything by oneself. Yes, there is much a single individual can achieve and learn - but it is through transparent collaboration that a richer learning and understanding emerges. 

Among the many, many educators from different fields who I respect, learn with and am connected to, in the field of ELT and EdTech, there is one name that needs no introduction. 

Nik Peachey has been sharing ideas, inspiration, expertise and pedagogical guidance for many years; more recently Nik has been publishing ebooks such as
 Digital Video - A Manual for Language Teachers  ( awarded the 2016 ELTons Award for Innovations in Teachers resources)  and
Thinking Critically through Digital Media 

Being a prolific writer, Nik has so more to offer educators - through his eBooks
which are most affordable (links on the left side of this blog for those who wish to easily access them), his blogs, presentations, webinars (an upcoming webinar on How to publish your own materials − from writing to publishing to marketing is scheduled for this coming Saturday, 3rd June, 2017), and his overall, open, collaborative sharing. Though the eBooks require a modest price (and are easily paid online with PayPal or bank card), these are a rich source of learning for educators and very much worth a teacher's time and investment. 

Collaboration is a practised skill which refines and transforms with time and experience. 

If educators wish that their learners learn collaboratively, then they too need to practice what they ask their learners to do. Modelling good practices goes a long way with both learners and peers. Modelling good practices is a form of integrating values such as collaboration and cooperation in one's daily professional practices. 

Add to the mix patience and empathy. For an educator cannot really be closed to learning, regardless of what field,  nor by selectively rejecting other fields or topics which are not of his/her own particular academic or personal interest. Being open to learning, to curiosity and engaging positively in this learning process is essential for all educators. By the same token, being able to admit not knowing something, to be modest, humble and open to learning is a welcomed attitude among educators. Openly dismissing other educators' knowledge, practical expertise, skills and understandings has little place in collaborative learning. 

Educational mentors today come from everywhere, of all ages and many different educational backgrounds and fields. Unlike the past where individuals were sometimes assigned an older colleague with who to learn with (e.g. in companies and educational institutions), today, it is important to by pass the age factor and turn tables - all generations have so much to teach, share and learn from each other. 

Focusing on empathy. Remembering to look beyond the surface.

If teachers are constantly reminded to be empathetic with their students,
empathy with other educators and peers is a step forward in positive modelling and integrating good practices in community building and cooperation. 

How will you nourish your garden of collaborative learning?

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I would like to thank permission granted to take and share the images of posters created by students at a school in Tampere, Finland.

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