25 May 2017

Editing Images and Image Sourcing

In a world of filtered perceptions, filtered realities, there is always a need to have image editors to play around with and experiment.

Here are a couple which I had previously on my side bar and still are free to use:





In Digital Delights - Images & Design, you can easily browse many more suggestions for image editors, as well as images and design related topics.

A couple of  recent posts which I have included are quite useful for bloggers and educators who may need images to use in their lessons:

Free images:

Free Images for Blogs and Marketing (38 sites)

Our top 5 sites for sourcing great images and photos on your iPad

Photo Collage Maker:

The 21 best Photo Collage Maker Tools 

What favourite tool/s do you currently use for image editing?

(Image from Pixabay)

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