24 June 2017

Storytelling for Teacher Training from Finland

Stories. The weave that binds communities together - communities which may be structured learning communities or others. 

Stories. The tracing of a flow of identity and how one's identity changes, develops, evolves and expands. 

Stories. The narrative which spellbinds, the narrative of inquiry, the narrative of self. Of selves. Of sense-making. 

As educators, we have today a wide range of approaches to introduce storytelling in our classrooms, whether analogue or digital

From JAMK University in Finland, comes a set of cards for teacher training which may be used for story telling.

As traditional playing cards, this set has 4 suits and 3 jokers. With 52 cards, each card is based on the four areas of competence of teacher education, as defined by JAMK University : 

The set of cards comes with suggestions of how to use them with teacher trainees - different games where educational concepts and values intertwine with playfulness. 

One way to involve trainees in their teaching narratives is to ask them to sit in a circle,  pick a card
at random and after a short period of time of reflection, they tell the rest of the group a short story based on the concept and their teaching experience.

Simple storytelling through a focus on reflection, learning and collaboration - for the rest of the circle listens, and without knowing, is involved in listening to their peers' stories, relating the same concept to their experiences and learning, thinking of different ways to solve problems educators face in our day to day lives, as well as how best to introduce change in their own personal /professional narratives. 

How do you have teacher trainees share stories?

How do your narratives facilitate learning?

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18 June 2017

Storytelling - from Finland

In our digital world, there is, increasingly, much that I disagree with. In so many ways I watch (with horror at times) as humanity sleep walks itself into a world which is less human, less equal, less democratic. 

Nevertheless, as an educator, I continue striving to help others understand the need for teaching Digital Literacies and Digital Safety - among the many other issues which arise from our digital world of which we are all participants and residents. As an educator too, I indulge and delight in all the positive potential that the WWW offers - for the web is not something that is done to us. All of us participate in its creation and development, at different levels and different degrees. 

As an educator, I am interested in having my learners understand the empowerment that the web may give them.  I indulge in the beauty and creative power of storytelling. Narratives. For what are we without narratives? What are we without registering and reflecting on our changing identities?

From Finland, a number of digital tools come to mind. Today I'd like to point out Edvisto

Edvisto is a tool for storytelling - but with a twist. 

Storytelling can be a personal narrative but it can also be social and collaborative. 

There is also a blog where you can read up on recent news of how Edvisto is being used in different schools with different age groups and different projects.  The narratives may differ - the central point is the same: Student learning. Student involvement. Student engagement. Active learning. Learning for life. 

Perhaps it is time to meet learners in their world. Perhaps it is time to accept that education and learning approaches have changed and that younger generations do expect, do want to be involved in their learning processes. Engaged and empowered by their learning.

Speaking of videos - have you already dipped into Nik Peachey's book on Digital Video?
(you can purchase a copy directly on iTunes or simply click on the sidebar of this blog where it will direct you to Nik's eBooks)

Digital Video - By Nik Peachey from Nik Peachey on Vimeo.

Stories engage.

Stories transport.

Stories strive to make sense.

Stories define one's identity.

Stories are embedded in one's identity.

What's your summer story?

What's your recent video tool to narrate your story?

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Educational change is here. 

Alive and well.