23 July 2017

Boosting Vocabulary


I want words.

Words to describe the spaces in between.

The spaces of light, the spaces of dreams.

Untouched, unspoken words.

I want worlds of words.

As a language teacher I want my leaners to have words. I want them to have the power of expression. So easy, yet always so challenging when learning a language.

Word Booster, a recent tool I learnt about with Nik Peachey ), is a helpful tool for busy teachers.

3 simple steps:

Select an online article,

Copy & paste link, (URL),

Click and download PDFs.

Below is an example which I did with a recent blog post by Philip Kerr on Evaluating Personalization:

This type of exercise may not be to everyone's liking; a language teacher may need to look carefully at the language selected and consider whether the focus and examples are of interest or not. 

However, for teacher trainees, this is a great tool to use in a workshop. They may try it out on each other in small groups and then decide how useful or not, such a digital tool may be for teachers. This requires the ability to select an appropriate online article (perhaps connected to a theme/topic they are covering on a training course), challenging another group of peers, and above all, being comfortable within the learning group to reflect on how they could use this vocabulary tool with their learners.

Words, words, words!

How have you been teaching/exploring vocabulary lately?

Words from Enle Li on Vimeo.


  1. Hello Ana!
    I am Andrew, the creator of Word Booster. Thanks you for writing this blog post for us; Word Booster is yet in its beta version and still has a lot to improve, yet we are already getting attention! (We haven't done an official launch yet.)

    We have been working on updating Word Booster, and your points in the blog clarify what we should be paying attention to. If you have other suggestions, then please feel free to write to us at contact@word-booster.com.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your message. I have begun using Word Booster and though I think it has great potential, it is with learners that I actually learn whether it is something I will continue using or not. Nevertheless, I look forward to further developments of the tool. And yes! Will get in touch soon :-)

    1. Hi Ana,

      Thank you for seeing the potential! I will definitely tell you about our update. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions or any inconvenience you feel, just drop me a line and we will look at it with considerable weight. :-)