3 October 2017

An Autumn Game and Resources for Teachers

Having a stock of games to use in classes, whether analogue or digital, is common practice among language teachers and other subjects. Quiznetic is one more digital game that is simple to create for class revisions, with the teacher only needing to share the automatic code for a specific game.  So far it is free and when learners have used it several times in class, they too could sign up and create team games for each other, thus having them more involved in their learning process. 

It's also possible to share one's quizzes with colleagues though I think I would also like to have the option of embedding a quiz. Here is a short quiz with videos that I am including as a quick test to Quiznetic, while below is a short video on how to create a game. 

Two other interesting resources for educators which have caught my eye are Oxplore and Poetry by Heart .

Oxplore offers a variety of topics to be discussed and debated in class. Each topic offer a "yes" or "no" option which then leads to further questions, short quizzes, short readings and videos on the topic. 

It's an open resource and very simple to use or to dip into,  regardless whether a teacher is digitally skilled or not.  And, for many educators, a time saving resource.  It's especially great when students are working in small groups and then share their ideas and decisions with the whole class. 

For students who are not accustomed to working independently nor collaboratively, it provides positive practice. Additionally, if you happen to be working with EFL learners, working in small groups/teams encourages learners to speak up more easily and gain confidence in sharing their ideas in English. 

Poetry by Heart is a dynamic site which encourages learners to engage in poetry and to take part in competitions. 

What other resources will you be using this Autumn?

Other Suggestions