29 November 2017

Let Me Tell You a Story - A Writing Tool for Storytelling

Come, let me tell you a story. 

A story about a magical place, where, within hours, you can leave cold greys and darkness behind. A place which will lead you to cities of light, red shimmering deserts, warm turquoise seas. 

Come! Let me tell you a story. 

And as I tell my tale or two, you too may add yours, with your characters, your dreams and decisions. Together we shall create our own stories. Together we can end boredom and create twists, bends and all the upheavals we wish to within our stories. 

StoriumEdu seems to promise the opportunity for learners to write stories collaboratively, where teachers set writing goals, learners are given a character and together, write their stories within a game-like environment. 

It will be accessible for desktops/laptops as well as tablets and smartphones. 

Although still in Beta, this is a writing tool that I am really looking forward to trying out! 

For what is learning but a collection of stories?

Stories of success, stories of failures, stories of discoveries, stories of life. 

What other writing tools have caught your teaching imagination lately?

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