8 November 2017

Sharing Learning and Professional Development with Videos

If you happen to live where Autumn has set in, this post is especially for you. As conferences become increasingly expensive to attend, one of the best alternatives for professional development is to turn to what is offered online.  Here are some suggestions. 

IATEFL Webinars  are open to members and non-members and have topics which relate to language teachers as well as to other fields.

You can also find recorded webinars, which is always helpful if you can't attend the event live.

Another of favourite of mine, is the well known site of
Russell Stannard, whose videos are full of ideas and clear instructions regarding edtech and teaching. Teacher Training Videos is not only for ELT teachers but for all educators who wish to update their practices with technology and state of the arts approaches. 

Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien is another site to follow closely for professional development. With free webinars offered regularly, you only need to sign up to receive the link to the webinar. 

The best part is that none of these suggestions are video or PPT dumps, nor someone reading from their PPT (because a presentation and/or teaching is not a read-aloud exercise) - but real practitioners sharing ideas, teaching approaches and know-how that actually do bring life into classrooms, while interacting with colleagues who attend the webinars. 

On the left hand side of your screen, you can probably notice a video log with video resource suggestions for teaching. Two videos resources which are really worthwhile dipping into are ESL Video  and the already much talked about ISL Video Lessons which 
also offers video lessons in languages other than English. 

These are some suggestions for professional development; there is a wealth of opportunities for learning on the web and no reason not to keep up-to-date in education. 

What other webinars or learning sites for educators would you recommend for this Autumn?

Further Suggestions:

Viewpure - Videos without Clutter

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