29 November 2017

Supporting Sustainable Development


Every year there is World Environment Day   (as well as other celebrations which you can find here and here ); and every year, in so many different curricula, learning about the environment is part of the syllabus. 

But can our learners really save the environment? Can our learners really make a change?

In my experience, yes. Undoubtedly. 

Environmental issues stare at us all everyday - whether it is public litter, poverty in our societies or making decisions about day-to-day shopping. Discussing these issues, in particular issues which directly affect our learners' everyday lives, helps  raise their awareness to other global issues, which may or not directly affect them. 

Among other resources available, (e.g. videos ), Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, has compiled a simple list of how every individual is able to make small contributions towards sustainable development. These may be shared among leaners - for further discussion/ for them to add their own ideas and create their own guides. 

Overall Sustainable Development Goals is a great resource for teachers and learners. 

After all, learning is not only passing an exam or filling in a gap correctly (if ever that could really reflect learning). 

Learning is being involved, open to curiosity and finding solutions.  

Learning is an activity.

Learning is doing. 

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