15 December 2017

Videos with Tubequizard

A lovely tool for lessons and self study purposes is TubeQuizard. TubeQuizard is great to use with ELT/ESL learners - and teachers can find quizzes according to level, type, category and variety. 

There is a search tool , and more for teachers.

Below is a short video explaining how to use TubeQuizard to create quizzes for learners:

TubeQuizard can be used with a wide range of learners and levels. One particular set of quizzes which I have shared with teacher trainees is on Sir Ken Robinson's well known talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" . Even if you don't particularly want to take time in class to go through the exercises offered on TubeQuizard, for some learners it meets their wish to do grammar and vocabulary exercises - and on a media that they are comfortable with using. 

Further Suggestions:

Here you can find other articles and interviews on and with Sir Ken Robinson

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