21 December 2017

Visual Libraries - Free Images

Every now and then I come across sites which are really useful for dipping into for visuals and can be shared with colleagues and students alike. Below are some suggestions. 

Picography  - fairly straight-forward to use; you can scroll through images or use the tool bar to search for a topic or theme. 

Gratisography  gives you the option to either browse
or search through images or to subscribe.

Snappy Goat will bring up a selection of related images after you type in the theme/topic in the tool bar.  A similar source is Free Images  with images and clipart. 

With a more interesting variety, at least for me, are these that follow below:

RawPixel  - has a mix of images which are free and in the public domain, while others are for sale. You do, however, need to sign up and have an account to access the free images for download. You can also save your favourite images in your account. 

A similar source is Unsplash where you create an account,  and organise your favourite images according to themes/topics
of your choice. You can also share your collections with others.

PicWizard is yet another image library where you can sign up for an account, browse, search as well as give up a thumbs-up (or down) for images. You can see how many others have viewed that particular image and how often it has been downloaded. And you can also keep track of your own personal favourites in this visual library. 

For more sites on visuals and design, have a look here where you can find much, much more on images.

What other sources do you use for free images?

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