24 February 2018

A Reading Resource

Reading, learning how to read in between the lines, understanding words, hidden meanings. skimming, scanning - all of these skills have never been as relevant as today. For teachers who need to dip into a different educational resource looking for reading materials, Common Lit is a great option. 

Reading materials are organised into grades, themes and genres. Reading passages  come accompanied by some exercises, as you can see here with Fish Cheeks  (below) with a navigation bar on the top right, making it really simple for learners to follow instructions. 

If you would like to have further access to lesson plans, then you will need to have an account. 

In an age where so many of us are accustomed to hyperlink-reading, it is important to maintain reading habits among learners.  Here below is an infographic to help learners as well.

How do you keep your learners reading?


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