6 February 2018

Curating and Sharing

Ever fell down the internet rabbit hole only to find yourself stumbling link after link into more interesting territories?

The problem is that often there simply isn't enough time for all the links, websites, articles one can read at a time. Keeping track of them in a curation, for example, may be useful. As some visitors to this blog may know, I myself use Scoop.it regularly. More than curating for others, it  is a resource that I turn to whenever necessary. This does not mean that sharing with others is unimportant.

Among the different tools I have used for curation, elink.io
is one that is quite useful for educators. You can share links and visuals with colleagues, learners and anyone you would like to share information with. These links can be shared as a newsletter, a webpage  or embedded in a blog. The one below is an example made from pages of this blog:

elink.io is free and really easy to use - and as a teacher, I think that there are so many benefits in sharing a selection of web links to learners and colleagues with an attractive format and visuals, which always add interest and helps to boost one's memory.  Instead of a bibliography list, why not try a simple digital webpage with elink.io for example? Learners too can create their own webpage when working in groups, submitting all their work and research in a digital format which can be shared among the whole class. Possibilities extend as far as one's needs and contexts when considering curation and sharing.

How are you sharing learning links this year?

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