5 February 2018

My Badge, MyMantle

Digital badges are a great way to curate one's skills and achievements as well as to recognize learners' success. They are easy to share and with time, create an asset to one's digital portfolio which can be shared professionally. 

MyMantle is a digital space which awards digital badges. What I liked about MyMantle is how close to curation it is, allowing the user to add work samples, badges and portrays of skills. 

With approaches and values in education changing, (slowly changing), awarding learners is also changing. Education is not happening only at traditional edu-institutions but in so many other ways as well. Learning is becoming increasingly less structured, more open, with individuals following their interests to learn something new, a new skill or topic on their own. 

How to showcase this effort? How to showcase this learning process with others? Digital badges are a simple and great way to acknowledge learning a new skill and to share it with others. 

Have you been using digital badges with your learners
or for your own professional development?

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