24 February 2018

Playing with Vocabulary

As much as learners may like Kahoot, there are also other tools to revise and learn vocabulary, which give added interest to vocabulary activities.

Vocabulary.com is one of them.

There is a free account as well as an Educator's account, with more features. 

One of the things I most like about Vocabulary.com is how simple it is to create word lists for learners and then, how equally simple it is to share the list with them. 

Basically, 3 steps:

There are also shared lists to dip into, though as my lessons are usually tailored to my learners, I tend to create my own word lists for them. One of my favourite activities with Vocabulary.com is the Vocab Jam, which you can use anywhere, even without a screen in the classroom. All you need is Wifi and hopefully, learners with their own mobile devices. There is a choice of vocabulary games though which either the teacher may assign or students work through. 

You can also assign a set of vocabulary items for learners every week
and it is their responsibility to go go through them for revision. This really does foster learner autonomy without the pressure of completing the exercises in class. Or, for students who have finished their tasks early in class, going through a specific list of vocabulary may be just the task they can do to revise. 

As with other learning sites, there is also a blog for teachers to dip into and learners may keep their scores when signed in, if they wish. 

I wish that Vocabulary.com offered the possibility to embed games but for now, it's easy to share link with learners, give them the code and lets them jam away with vocabulary!

What other digital games are you using this winter?

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