9 February 2018

Training Resources for Educators

There are a number of ways educators can continue doing professional development, even without exorbitant fees for training courses. Besides, blogs, newsletters and the myriad of MOOCs available,  teachers can dip into these two spaces for professional development and skill training. 

Google for Education  is free and even if you don't work with Google's G Suite, there are many ideas of how to use Google Apps. 

For anyone using Apple devices, then there is Apple Teacher Education , which is free 

and offers another way of developing professional skills for the classroom.

Lastly, if you are in a context where discussing bias is part of your syllabus, or whether you have any interest in touching upon the issue of bias,
there is Unbound

The tool kit explains how it offers:

 "Having Brave Conversations About Bias

The toolkit contains a high-level overview of the facilitated conversation, with individual PowerPoint presentations and materials containing detailed notes, resources, and activities that will help you move through each part of the conversation. Educators are encouraged to modify these presentations so they work for your school community."

What other resources do you suggest for free professional development?

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