6 March 2018

World Environment Day 2018 - The Problem of Plastics

Undoubtedly beautiful.

Undoubtedly wonderful.

Yet the truth of our oceans also tell other stories which may not be so appealing.

The World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June and more than only a celebration, is a call to action. This year, the overall theme is on plastic - plastic pollution. Plastic pollution has become an epidemic world over, affecting all kinds of different environments:

As the environment theme is often included in language programs, it's a great way to (once again) raise awareness among learners about the need to recycle and cut down on the use of plastic in everyday life.  Padlet is a great way for learners to share their ideas (whether text or images) , while Canva offers great graphic designs which students can use to create visuals and share their ideas as well. If learners are not camera shy, then why not create a short video which can then be shared in class and with their families? This involves storyboarding, decision making  and working collaboratively while developing their ideas. With all the free apps today, creating a short video has never been simpler.

TedEd has this lesson plan for this video below:

And here is a possible vocabulary exercise that learners can use before watching the video:

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