22 September 2018

Inspecting Texts and English Levels

unsplash-logoOliver Cole

As much as one would like, not all texts are written equally. There are different genres, styles and levels of language - and that is just on the surface to begin with!

To help EAP (or any student studying in English), Text Inspector  
is an interesting tool to use when analysing texts in English. 

You can try pasting up to 250 words for free, click on "Analyse"  and Text Inspector will give you a statistics of language and readability as well as lexical diversity. 

Text Inspector also will analyse reading and listening - one only needs to change the mode to obtain the results. 

Not entirely free, but there are subscription options. 

As for linguistic equality, let me leave you with this short video:

unsplash-logoSøren Astrup Jørgensen

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