21 September 2018

Problems the Earth Faces - Resources for Educators

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There are probably more problems in the world than I care to mention, though the environment is one that always comes to my mind. Whether it is fresh drinking water or devastating fires (as seen in different parts of the world these past months), the well being of our planet lies in our hands and every contribution towards its health is needed. 

What Is the Most Serious Problem Facing Earth? is a lovely resource to use - and not only for Earth Day

What is the Most Serious Problem Facing Earth is a webquest which includes a lesson plan for teachers, including steps and ideas for the classroom before learners begin their research. It also includes support for teachers who teach younger learners. 

Google Science Fair  has created a mini library
with materials and exercises focused on the problem-solving process - these can be downloaded and used in when discussing the environment or other problems which need solutions (and learners always come up with great ideas!) There are lesson plans for teachers, each with steps supporting team work, problem solving and communication. Definitely worth exploring and adapting to one's own lessons and classes.

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