22 September 2018

Search Engines and Digital Footsteps

Cascades of shimmering red under Autumn skies.

Cascades of digital footprints in the never ending, ever winding digital life.

How to keep learners safe in this digital space, where every light footstep is digitally recorded and digitally imprinted? There are two search engines which help.

DinoSearch  is a search engine designed for young learners and may be used safely in classroom.

Another option is using Duckduckgo
as a search engine which doesn't leave tracks.

The Web For Classrooms is yet another alternative; not free, but worth looking into.

Your Digital Footprint: Leaving a Mark - Teacher Video from NCTA on Vimeo.

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Common Sense Education also offers three great lessons regarding  digital identity and using digital media in healthy ways:

How can I cultivate my digital identity in ways that are responsible and empowering?

How can we help students use media in healthy ways?

How can I communicate effectively and positively to build relationships?

If you are interested in other search engines, why not browse through the list on this blog (on the left had side)?

How do you keep learners safe when online?

Further Suggestions:

How Do You Search? Let Me Count the Ways

Carrot2 and Behold

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Search Engines

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