3 October 2018

Exploring the World

Travelling, living and learning about other cultures, valuing what is different and unique, finding out what one has in common with the other - these have been elements deeply ingrained throughout my life. Sometimes threads of understanding are delicate and challenging; cultural differences may be visible at times, while other times, they may simply be opaque and difficult to really see/understand. It all takes time, patience, curiosity and a delight to learn. 

GeoGuessr is a fun way of exploring the world, either by one's own or in teams, challenging participants with their knowledge of geography and regions around the world. 

After signing up and logging in, there are maps and challenges, ranging from regions, countries and cities, as well as the opportunity to create your own map. 

One element that is easily found in every cultural setting, is the ritual of meals. These of course, differ tremendously, depending on the region, family income and even season of the year. Here are some examples of Breakfast around the world:

What an egg breakfast looks like in 10 places around the world

Here's What Breakfast Looks Like In 28 Countries Around The World

Breakfasts Around the World

These are mere examples. Learners can create their own stories and narratives about their home country's meals and/or around the world, then create short quizzes for each other. These quizzes may focus on language (if, for example, a foreign language class), or on geography and culture/s. Below is another source which may be used when developing lessons which share different characteristics of meals around the world. In this case, it is about Christmas but other celebrations may also be introduced for students to research into and produce a simple project which includes geography and traditions. 

This is what Christmas dinner looks like in 20 countries around the world

How do you incorporate cross cultural activities in your classroom practices?

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