7 October 2018

Field Related - EAP Writing

EAP students usually have different linguistic challenges ranging from note-taking in lectures to the crucial writing skills which are essential part of their studies.  Scaffolding vocabulary helps both oral and written work but how to encourage more learner autonomy when it comes to writing?

FieldRelated is a helpful tool for learners who need to check their written work.

Besides the word count, sentence count and average words per sentence, students can check how academic their writing is and find results for different fields of study. 

Different fields will also lead to different support exercises - for example, Tourism offers further vocabulary and a reading resource
while Applied Linguistics provides a listening and reading resource. Here you can find a more complete Vocabulary list which is divided into study fields

Often it is not so much a question that learners don't know the specific vocabulary of their study; the challenge is to express themselves in writing academically.

Sharing tools which may help students to check their own writing autonomously, is a step towards supporting autonomous learning.

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