1 October 2018

Playing with Creativity

How do you foster creativity? 

I am not entirely certain that I can speak of "teaching" creativity  in every lesson, but certainly  believe in the need to encourage and nourish creativity in teaching. Creative practices need to be embedded in one's practice/s and not only kept for a "fun" afternoon at the end of the week. 

The map above, with its hectic flow of representation, reminds me of how often creativity is missed in regular teaching. So many missed opportunities for the sake of following the curriculum, the syllabus, the fear of stretching minds and talents of our learners. Creative learning needs space, prodding, and time for creative conception. It does not happen necessarily in a vacuum (nothing much happens in vacuums anyway) and like gardens, should have constant and regular care. 

Two apps which offer this encouragement for creative 
thought are Brainsparker and Wonder  Workouts - Connect the Dots . 

Both are great to use in class or outside of the classroom, both can be used in different ways as well, e.g. as a warm up in class or at the end of a lesson. (so much depends on the teaching context; however, anyone who dares is able to incorporate them in lessons). 

Speaking of creativity, a wonderful book to help fostering creativity in the classroom is by Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder - Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom 

With ready made lessons, formative and summative assessments, it certainly is a key book for educators who are keen in developing creativity in their classroom practices. 

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