3 October 2018

World Teacher Day 2018

In a previous post I mentioned Autumn celebrations, and this coming week there is WorldTeacher Day. World Teacher Day (or International Teacher Day) is a day for everyone to be more aware of what teachers do and how they contribute to society. Needless to say, education changes lives, no matter how little regard and appreciation educators receive. And despite the continuous friction between actual practitioners and researchers in education, both contribute equally towards the body of knowledge and practices within the field of education. 

Teachers' Day 2018 offers teachers  posters, decorations, lesson ideas and classroom ideas. 

Mostly geared towards younger learners, there is also the opportunity to introduce these items into teacher training/teacher development courses. 

There is no doubt that despite all the lip service paid by politicians to the value of education, that teachers all over the world continue facing a myriad of struggles - whether that be in classrooms with no electricity, students who cannot afford to buy books and food, low salaries and even safety. 

The Guardian – Teachers In America from George Shelbourn on Vimeo.

Nothing that I have mentioned above is new. However, it is when you experience first hand the very struggles of educators in different parts of the world (e.g. Nepal), one realizes how much energy and dedication teachers invest in their practices and learners.

Because that is what keeps teachers going - their caring, their belief of how education and empowering learners does make a difference. This takes drive and engagement. This takes agility and flexibility. And this takes the ability to be constantly open to new ideas, new approaches and practices to meet learners' needs, hopes and expectations.

If nothing else. education is not static.
A constant flow of learning, of sharing, of collaborating.
A consistency in belief towards constructive change.

To all colleagues who I have worked with and so appreciated their sense of humour, their endless endeavour to provide worthwhile lessons, creative classroom practices, real collaboration and so much more - thank you!

To teachers everywhere, Happy Teacher Day!

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The British Council is  celebrating World Teachers’ Day by offering a 50% discount on all their online self-access training modules during the whole of this week, ending this Friday on 5 October And here’s how to take advantage of the offer:

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With thanks to Ann Foreman who manages the British Council Teaching English page!

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