2 November 2018

Fashion? Yes! - Fashion, Infographics and the Environment

What does fashion, infographics and the environment have in common?

At first glance, perhaps nothing much. 

However, when thinking about possible projects and classroom activities, introducing fashion as a topic/theme connected to environmental issues, which can later be visualized in a infographic, then the connection becomes much more relevant to learning tasks. 

Whether one takes an interest or not in fashionable trends, fashion is something that does affect and mold one's identity. One's outer appearance reflects choices related to which urban tribe one belongs to, (or aspires to belong to), to personal taste and lifestyle, for example. Aspirations and a sense of belonging too, come under this wide umbrella of fashion and what is trendy; which in turn also influence the construction of one's identity. 

Then there is the impact of fast fashion consumption on the environment and at the same time, how the fashion industry contributes to a country's economic growth. Somewhere along the lines between frenetic consumption and economic growth there needs to be a balance, a call for sustainability and sustainable development. 

Possible classroom activities around this topic would include:

A class discussion which explores learners thoughts and assumptions, allowing learners to focus on their specific interests in the theme and giving them space to express their own solutions and alternatives for achieving a more sustainable practice of fashion.

This discussion could then lead to a mini research project where students may find out more about the impact of fashion, and in particular, fast fashion, on the environment, especially in their local context.

Throughout this process they are actively learning about the topic, how to manage the search for useful information and sources, while also deciding for themselves was is right, what isn't right, what is relevant to their lives and what may not be relevant.

The final outcome could be creating an infographic in small groups, which they then share in a class blog/LMS or if possible, have printed to put up on the class walls. Their visual production would contain both the/an initial problem with fashion (e.g. negative impact on the environment) and possible solutions.

Both Venngage and Canva have free templates which serve as models for creating infographic and which are simple to use. Venngage includes templates for beginners, and both Canva and Venngage include a range of options for images, icons, fonts and more.

Learning is taking ownership of one's thinking, discoveries and problem solving capabilities.

Learning ignores limitations for solving problems in our world. 

Strokes of Creativity: Fashion from FIELD on Vimeo.

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