21 November 2018

iEARN - Do You?

I have always been wary of those who claim to know everything within a particular field; of those who are such "experts" that anything that they perhaps may not know or be aware of, is not worthy of knowing. This attitude towards learning and knowledge makes little sense to me. Regardless of one's academic qualifications, learning is a life-long process and one that has open options today for educators. 

These learning opportunities do not necessarily need to cost a small fortune either - from free access webinars for teachers and MOOCs, to professional training videos (e.g. Teacher Training Videos), there are educational networks and communities which offer other opportunities for educators to continue learning and doing professional development. 

iEARN, (International Education and Resource Network), offers educators a number of events, international collaboration opportunities, as well as a newsletter, professional development and forums for teachers and students. 

You can easily find participating countries, (140 countries) get in touch with  country coordinators, and make use of language resources. These language resources include: " (...) a listing of resources to serve as a guide to the various language communities and resources available across the network. Among these links are actual iEARN-Center websites, online project forums,and translations of materials such as the project description book, newsflashes, etc."

There are over 100 global projects for educators and students; Don't Waste - Create, is one example where a recylcing/re-use project is global and collaborative. One feature of these projects is their connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; there is also a template for educators to propose a new project (the 2018-2019 iEARN Project Book will be published in September 2019).

Coming up soon (27th November 2018), are the following webinars:




Learning is personal in the sense that it is the individual that needs to make the effort to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Learning, however, is also a social activity; a social process with exchanges, debates, discussions, and above all, meaningful, transparent collaboration and cooperation.

Learning is open to all educators.
Learning choices are open to all. 

How will you be collaborating with colleagues this academic year? How will you be opening collaborative learning opportunities for your learners?

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