4 November 2018

Proverbs & Quotations with Visuals

As anyone on Social Media will know, their feeds will often contain motivational quotations and accompanying images. And, as anyone who has learnt another language will also know, learning a language is more than learning vocabulary and grammar - there is whole cultural world pertaining to that language to learn and understand. 

Introducing proverbs - with images, is one way to fill that gap, especially for those who teach multi-lingual classes. 

15 wise sayings you've probably never heard of, turned into cute illustrations. is exactly that - 15 proverbs with an image for each, from different parts of the world. Activities could begin with an image or proverb; or by asking learners to match the proverb with the image, then share proverbs and sayings from their own countries (for example, using Padlet is a great way for a class to share their chosen proverbs). 

As for quotations, not all quotations appearing on Social Media feeds are accurate. Quote Investigator is a great place to find out whether or not a quotation is in fact authentic and how it may have been misconstrued (or not). 

As for including visuals in teaching and learning, let me leave you with this guide by David Roberts:

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