1 November 2018

Videos for History, Social Sciences and Contemporary Events

Do you remember days sitting in history lessons and imagining the world at that point in time? 

Or, was your experience of history lessons closer to daydreaming about the next holiday?

However your experience was, learning history today, can truly be quite a different experience in the classroom. From games and creating timelines, to designing posters to interactive tasks,  mixing AR and VR, there are many different approaches for teachers to use in a history lesson. 

Hip Hughes runs his own Hip Hughes History channel on YouTube , with educational videos for the social sciences, history, religion and current events.  Even for ELT, these videos are of interest as his speech is not artificially slowed down for non-native English speakers, thus making listening activities more challenging and closer to reality.  Here are 2 examples:

And, for a contemporary, current touch:

Videos are a great way to add interest in a topic and can be used for flipping lessons (e.g. using Playposit or Edpuzzle) or in class.

While videos are indeed engaging, they support learning, open further opportunities for learner autonomy and needless to say, are motivating for learners.

And then there are videos which provoke, question and  change perspectives with a touch of humour:

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