28 August 2019

Generating Poetry

How to entice learners into writing?

How to persuade learners that there is fun and magic in poetry?

Poem Generator  is a free site where learners can create their own poems, with a bit of help from the poem generator. There are different kinds of poetry - from haikus to limericks to sonnets and narrative poems.

Besides poems, there are also other tools which generate song lyrics, characters and plots. 

Definitely a fun tool to introduce to learners!

 Below is an example of a poem with the Poem Generator:

The Golden And Warm Desert 

A Poem by AC

Whose desert is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch her laugh. I cry hello.
She gives her desert a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound's the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.
The desert is golden, warm and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to her cheap.
She rises from her gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in her head,
She eats her jam with lots of bread.
Ready for the day ahead.
With thanks to the poet, Robert Frost, for the underlying structure.

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21 August 2019

Tiny Steps with TinyBop

Warmer summers, colder winters, deluges and floods, seasons out of kilter - not to mention the plastic now found in the Arctic snow. 

TinyBop is a library app for young learners, letting them explore (and learn) about the wonders of the natural world; a natural world that is rapidly changing and may not even exist when they become of age. 

There are several topics to choose from, ranging from the secrets of plants, to how the human body works to exploring different traditional houses around the world. 

You will also find different handbooks
which accompany these different topics, helping both teachers to prepare lessons and parents to give their children extra support.

Coral Reef by Tinybop app trailer 1 from Tinybop on Vimeo.

Lastly, TinBop also provides scope for young learners to expand their imagination and creativity as

  "Each Digital Toys app is an open-ended construction kit that lets kids build, test, and play with anything they can imagine. Kids ages 4+ develop creative-thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling skills."

19 August 2019

Presentation Skills for EAP - Resources

It's that time of year when on many pre-sessional courses throughout the UK, students are preparing their presentations.

Below are some possible resources for teachers and students.

Do you have any other favourites you would care to share?
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