8 September 2019

Design and Images

Images help learners in so many ways; some well known examples are  - for brainstorming activities, to spark interest in a topic/theme, to simplify complex procedures and most importantly, for self-expression.

Myoats  is site where you can create beautiful designs - for free. It is available to use on tablets and desktops, with stunning results. These can then be downloaded and shared among peers or included in students' blogs or other digital assignments/productions. 

I would also include Myoats as an activity for when students need a calm moment, a moment away from assessment pressures and regular learning goals. These quieter moments often clear the mind and help students focus more closely on following classroom activities. 

Once Upon a Picture  offers a selection of free images which educators may use for lessons. It's divided into different Collections and includes a Challenge Book  with images
to encourage learners to think critically.

Once Upon a Picture is a lovely curation of images for teaching and you will be surprised at what you may find there. 

Lastly, students often ask me how they may remove a background from their images. Here are two suggestions to share with learners:

PhotoScissors Online


Remove Image Background

Once Upon A Picture trailer from OUA Picture on Vimeo.

Further Suggestions:

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