7 September 2019

All Aboard with Digital Literacies

How confident are you in your digital skills?

How confident are your students?

All Aboard is a place where you can sharpen your digital awareness as well as your students. 

It is geared towards higher education in particular, but perhaps may even support learners in other contexts, as much of the content is relevant for digital users today. 

Playing with the metaphor of a journey (and what else is learning but a life-long journey?), All Aboard offers a map for raising awareness about  digital skills frameworks and covers different categories of our engagement with the digital. In order to make this "journey" simpler, a map
of the different categories is given to portray the different references and skills of our digital world:

The metaphor extends the notion of exploration, journey and progress, alongside the separate categories in each of the metro lines, each of which corresponds to broad areas relevant to anyone teaching, learning, or indeed being creative in a digital space. "

The site is simple to navigate, and in Stations, you can find different resources for each topic, for instance, Digital Identity which offers content and learning objectives, as well as resources for learners, trainers and developers. 

Under the heading of Travelcards, you can then find further resources such as an Introduction to Digital Research Skills  and a lesson on Tools for Learning

Overall, it is another great resource for both teachers and students to learn, reflect and develop their digital literacies skills. 

How will you be teaching digital literacies
this new academic year?

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