8 September 2019

The Mobility of Hooking Learning with Video

The other day I received an email asking me to remind students to bring their mobile phones to class. I confess that I was rather taken aback - is that really necessary? As I work with students at Higher Education, I honestly cannot remember a time when I would need to remind them to not to forget their mobiles at home. 

And it is not only students at Higher Ed. If a learner has access to his/her own mobile phone, that device automatically becomes an extension of their self; an extension that quite often, educators need to compete with in order to get students' attention in class. One approach that has always worked with me, is to include a video in lessons - and which can be easily accessed on learners' mobiles. 

ClassHook helps educators locate videos from TV programmes and movies which may be useful for lessons, with a special focus on storytelling. There are playlists for different subjects - from Science to History - as well as for different levels of education.

Educators need to consider these 4 steps once they begin using ClassHook:

This may seem simplistic, however, as with other pedagogical materials, it is up to the individual teacher to know how best to include these resources in their lessons. There is also a pedagogical checklist for teachers as well as a blog for  with further ideas on how to engage students with videos.  An example of videos available includes Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: The Peculiar Children:

Mobile learning can be done in different ways - including video viewing.

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