8 September 2019

Three Resources for #ELT on the Go

Life on the go.

Learning on the go.

Yet, does learning on the go really happen?

Not every learning moment has to be embedded in a structured lesson; language learners today have a range of learning tools at the touch of a digital device. Here are some suggestions which foster learning on the go - those moments when you are waiting for a friend, for transport or simply enjoying free, relaxing time. 

Free Rice has new look to its site, yet continues to be as useful and helpful for learning vocabulary as it was before, with the addition of Free Rice App for both iOS and Android

As a follow up activity for self-study or classwork, students can design their own crossword puzzle to test their peers. 

Prepositions in English can be challenging to learners,
as there are often more exceptions than grammatical rules. 
When English language learners are then introduced to phrasal verbs, confusion abounds. 

English phrasal verbs can be easily reviewed with a short video:

As a follow up, students can create their own short videos with Powtoons or Animaker, for instance. 

An easy tool for both learners and teachers is WheelDecide. Wheel Decide is essentially a decision making tool,  but can be used to choose discussion topics, vocabulary and anything that you wish according to your teaching context - you only need to change the items. 

What learning on the go tools will you be sharing with your learners this Autumn?

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