24 October 2019

Reading -For Kindergarten to K12

I can't remember ever meeting a child who didn't like stories. Stories, whether short or long, simple or complex are practically part of our DNA as humans. Stories help us make sense of our worlds, help to nourish our imagination and help develop empathy skills. 

One of the challenges is to have learners actually enjoy reading for the pleasure of reading - they may appreciate storytelling but not always reading. Another challenge is for time-strapped teachers to find reading materials which are accessible and suitable for their students. 

ReadWorks is a helpful place to begin, with a range of topics and great for ELT and CLIL. ReadWorks if free and includes reading materials from kindergarten to Grade 12 . 

You can use ReadWorks in three simple ways as shown below:

As with many other resources for educators, there is also a Teacher Guide, a page taking you step by step on how to get started with ReadWorks, as well as a step by step Guide on how to set up classes, assign reading tasks and check students' progress. 

Intro to ReadWorks: Digital Tools & Features Webinar from ReadWorks on Vimeo.

It's never late to instill a joy of reading in learners. All it takes is continuous practice, opportunity and offering them a wide range of choices until they find the sweet spot of reading for themselves. 

Photo by Eleazar Ceballos from Pexels

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  1. Reading is one of the most crucial reasons I became interested in education. I loved learning from all the books I read as a child. This is a great resource on how to help students enjoy reading. This is also a great place to become a part of a learning community, which I am doing a project now on for my last semester in educational studies. Can you share any insight on learning communities that I can connect with while still a student? Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Erica, thank you for reading and adding your comments. Absolutely agree with you, i.e. that being a member in a community does add towards professional learning and development. Have you had a look here:

    Could there be a community that interests you?