16 October 2019

Sketchboard and Other Web Boards for Collaboration

I love libraries. Whether old or contemporary, libraries are spaces filled with words and wonder. Today, modern libraries are more than only book lending spaces; they have become multimedia spaces to hang out either on your own or with friends, do research, catch up on the wide offer of printed magazines and publications, music and movies, and more. 

In a way, this blog has also become a personal library. As I have said before, blogging (for me) takes on different purposes at different times. Yet one purpose remains constant - it is a space where somehow I find the references and tools I need at different points in time. 

Perhaps owing to the whiteness of the skies which surround me or probably, and more precisely because of the needs of online teaching, today I want to make an entry on whiteboards which can be used for collaborative work with learner when teaching digitally. 

Here you can find some suggestions : 

While GDocs is great for collaborative work, the same essence of variety for teaching F2F is required when teaching online. That is one approach to why online whiteboards are a practical tool to use.

Witeboard is exactly what it says - a simple white board which supports both English and Japanese.

AWW is equally simple to use and you can then export your board either as an image or a PDF.

Conceptboard is really interesting for teams working across borders and also includes the offer of a free account (though without all the possible features as offered for business accounts).

Another collaborative whiteboard worth looking into, is Miro.  Miro seems particularly useful if working with colleagues and/or ESP students, for example, engineering students.  With Miro you can sign up and have 3 free editable boards, which is always helpful to get started.

Then there is:

Do you have any particular favourite web board?

Further Suggestions:

PixiClip - An Interactive Whiteboard

Digital Delights for Learners  - Web Boards

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