2 October 2019

Writing and Reading with AI Assistance

How do you know whether the text you have selected for teaching or for assessment purposes really is at the level which students should be mastering?

Either through experience or professional training, or even based on a possible course book which is in use, teachers usually know their students' vocabulary level and hence, their reading level.  Now there is a digital tool which helps even further.

EDIA Papyrus  is a tool which aids both teachers and learners in regard to writing and reading levels. 

EDIA Papyrus gives instant feedback on the reading/writing level of a text in regard to CEFR , but also includes other points of references in regard to scales and reading levels (as you can see from the clips below).

It's quick and simple to use, and free - a great support for teachers and learners.

Teachers may want to use it to cross check reading/writing levels and students too may want to use as a tool for autonomous learning. For not only does EDIA Papyrus indicate the reading/writing levels, but also highlights vocabulary accordingly. Having used the abstract of Jumping from one resource to another: how do students navigate learning networks?, you can see below how much rich information is provided:

What other ways do you investigate reading/writing levels?

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Jumping from one resource to another: how do students navigate learning networks? - International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education volume 15, Article number: 45 (2018)


  1. What about Text Inspector, which is free for short texts?

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes! You're right, Text Inspector is definitely helpful as well (https://cristinaskybox.blogspot.com/2018/09/inspecting-texts-and-english-levels.html) ; I suppose it comes down to personal preferences.

    Thank you for taking time to read and reply - much appreciated!