7 November 2019

A Pod of Voices

BY JeanFan

VoicePods transforms text to voice and seems to be an easy tool to quickly include instructions to students in their LMS or class blog. You can copy the link of your voice recording/pod, download it, make it private or embed it in a class blog, for instance.

I tried it out with a short extract from an earlier blog post (Is the Future Female?):


I also tried  using an URL with VoicePods  (Losing the Birds, Finding the Words: Eve Ensler’s Extraordinary Letter of Apology to Mother Earth) but as my account is the free version, it didn't really translate into voice. (there seems to be a limit of 200 words with a free account). 

With Voicepods you can choose from 16 different kinds of voices,  select either a male or female speaker,  and select voice pitch and so on:

As I was playing around, I used another short extract but with a male, Brazilian voice. The result? Well... You make up your mind: Playing Around 

There is definitely quite a lot of activities/projects one can do with VoicePods as it offers the following:

Besides embedding short messages to students, for students who are visibly or partially impaired, for example, being able to provide texts in oral format would be very helpful for them. 

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