30 November 2019

Adding Interaction into Presentations

Times when sitting through another presentation  or professional training session just makes you go...


But it doesn't need to be like this. One way to increase engagement when presenting, is to get the audience involved - and without hopping around the room. Adding to the interactive tools already mentioned here, one can also consider Swift.

Swift has different price ranges, and also includes a free version which teachers could try out. With the free version, Swift includes 150 responses per month as well as unlimited questions, text to vote (SMS), online polling and PPT integration. 

Students too could use Swift as they rehearse their talks and use the feedback/experience as building up their presentation skills. 

AhASlides is yet another option to integrate with presentations.

Their free version includes:
  • Up to 20 live participants
  • Unlimited presentations
  • Unlimited slides
  • All question types
  • Quiz and Leaderboard
  • All content slide types
  • Background and colour customisation
  • Customisable presentation links
  • QR code
  • Presentation sharing
For anyone with class sizes up to 20 students, AhaSlides could be a possible option to use when presenting.

Giving a presentation is nerve wracking for many students, especially those who are studying EAP or studying in another language which is not their first language. It needn't be all pain and jitters. With supportive scaffolding and practice, giving students choices to include an interactive presentation tool to their talk, and helping them understand story-telling elements in their presentation, pre-presentation fears may become yesterday's lore. 

And, if nothing of the above is helpful for developing presentation skills, well, there is always coffee.

Do you use any of these interaction tools when you or your students give talks?

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