8 November 2019

Generating Stories with A.I.

Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

What is happening in that image? Are they meeting or leaving each other to go their separate ways? Perhaps it's neither. Perhaps it's a moment of peace, for calling a truce. 

Or even making a bet. 

Each individual will probably perceive the image according to his/her own schemata and narrate their own personal story accordingly. 

But what if the writer only had to initiate a story and AI would complete it?

StoryAI does exactly that, i.e. completes a piece of writing that you start. You need to write at least 40 words, wait a couple of minutes, then presto! AI will produce an article with a title, accompanying image and the rest of the article. 

I typed in an extract from an earlier blog post (Are You Beautiful?), and this is the article  that StoryAI created: 

With StoryAI you can also search for stories - but as you can see from the first screen shot above, StoryAI does come with a warning: "Warning: Samples are unfiltered and may contain offensive content."

Because of this, it may be better suited to use with older students (i.e. not secondary students). 

As I write this post, I can hear objections rising. If students are to practice writing, why would they turn to AI to write their essays? Besides, aren't there enough writing farms which sell students essays and assignments?

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

Perhaps the real value of AI is for students to realise how carefully they need to read for information and how much they may come across on the web is created by AI, and not humans. 

Or, they can use StoryAI to challenge themselves to write better.

Whether playing around with writing and AI, or introducing StoryAI in the classroom, I think it's a good example to share with learners.  Discussing the implications of AI within digital literacies and our contemporary world is also learning. 

Perhaps our electric sheep will tell us more stories instead of delivering electric dreams. 

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