7 November 2019

Infographics in Lessons - The Great & Horrible Boss


We have all had them. The good, the bad, the downright, cringingly horrible.

And then there are those who one remembers with respect and perhaps even with fondness; those whose reputation crosses times and borders, not becoming some mythical creature, but a professional who colleagues admire, look up to and openly talk about with admiration. Those are the ones who people most appreciate and enjoy working with. They are the ones who become role models as coordinators, as heads of department, as bosses. 

Students also remember "bosses", but in another context, i.e. their teachers. Students who are studying management are often asked to reflect on what makes a good leader and/or a good boss. As a simple warm up, half the class may be given one of these infographics (below) and the other half, the infographic with the more positive qualities of being a good boss. 

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