6 November 2019

Study Skills - Taking Notes

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With distractions and demands pulling our time away, it is no wonder that students may feel overwhelmed and in despair as deadlines for submitting assignments approach. Whether it is a writing task, preparing a presentation, or simply another assignment, taking small bites at a time helps. Those small bites, in the form of notes, are often a student's best friend when it comes to studying and revising. 

Notes can be taken by hand, with a digital device or in many cases, a more fluid and inter-changeable approach is taken by using both hand written notes and notes on a laptop or mobile device. Often enough, teachers have to persuade learners about the benefits of taking notes and then guide them on different note-taking approaches. 

Here are some resources when guiding learners through the need of taking notes for their studies.

The UBC Learning Commons offers  learning support for academic students and  has a page on Note-Taking and also for Presentation Skills  , as well as Study Tips for Exams.

The Cornell Note-Taking System

Cornell Note Taking — The Best Way To Take Notes Explained

So far, so expected.

However, visual note-taking is also a popular approach to taking notes and one that many students enjoy:

If visual notes appeal to you and/or your students, then a must follow is the Canadian teacher, Sylvia Duckworth, who has recently published How to Sketchnote (Book 2) - a manual on visual notes.

If something is worth knowing, then it is often worth spending time and effort in learning. Taking notes is not only a boring task to give students (especially in EAP); note-taking is a short cut when learning,  and is also a skill which students will need in their future careers.

Saying which approach is best.... well, just like sweets and colours, that depends on each individual.

Further Suggestions: 

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